Tips for Weight Loss/Getting in Shape

Tips For Weight Loss /Getting in Shape:

Change your sets/reps every two weeks.  2 sets of 10 for two weeks… then 3 sets of 5…then pyramid…  Changing your sets and reps will result in muscle confusion and growth.

You need to stay more anabolic vs. catabolic.  Every time you eat you become anabolic when insulin is released into your blood stream.  Rather than eat (3) 1,000 calorie meals per day, you will get more muscle growth by eating the same food spread out over (10) 100 calorie meals.  I would not recommend this type of diligence but hopefully you understand this important principle.


Stretching can be for injury prevention, flexibility or muscle growth.   Unlike what we were taught in high school 20 years ago, you should warm your muscle up THEN stretch.  Research suggests you are more likely to injure a muscle by stretching it while it is cold.  If you are pumped up from lifting and you stretch that pumped muscle it will stimulate growth.  This is the same principle as taking creatine (a cell volumizer) to enlarge your muscle and cause growth.

If you are trying to lose body fat do not do a calorie restriction diet for more than 2 weeks.  We know through studies of the enzyme fat lipase that you lose fat when dieting for up to two weeks.  After two weeks your body eliminates that enzyme fat lipase and switches from burning fat to burning muscle to reduce your metabolism to “save your life”…since you are a bad hunter…is theory. 

Stretch your flexors and strengthen your extensors.  Flexors are the muscles that bring you into fetal position (looking like an old man) extension is the opposite direction.  As we age typically the flexors which are used more take over and we inch closer to looking like a stereotypical old person with a  humped back …this does not have to be you.  Stretch those pecs out, strengthen those rhomboids, and strengthen the only rotator cuff muscle that externally rotates (infraspinatus) to keep you from getting gym (or money) arms.

Best protein is measured by nitrogen retention in the muscles: Whey protein is ranked the best.  In my opinion:  the most absorbable natural protein is egg whites…the yolk contains all of the fat and cholesterol.

Creatine is a cell volumizer found naturally in meats.  It helps with strength and growth by assisting in your muscles by making them swell via a diffusion gradient.  

Increasing your strength without coordination makes as much sense as giving a Mustang 5.0 car to a 16 year old the day they got their drivers license.  Try exercises that make you focus on coordination so you build up those stabilizer muscles. 

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